Sunday, 12 February 2017

For When You Feel Like Giving Up

There are times where we all feel like giving up. Whether it be because things have gotten tough or we just get lazy. Next time you’re thinking about giving up something, whether it be a new eating habit, exercise routine or just a simple task like going to bed earlier, try these things first. 
Giving Up Quote

Think about whether you’re better off. 

Think about how you are now compared to how you were before. Which you do you like better? Most often it will be the new you. Think, do you really want to go back to your old lifestyle or do you only want to because it’s easier? 

Whenever I feel like I’m going to give up something that is beneficial in my life, I think about how I was before.  For example, when I didn't exercise regularly, I was unhappy and unfit. Now, I have so much more energy and am generally happier every day and thinking about that is what keeps me going. 

Think that you are proving to yourself you’re not a quitter. 

I'm one of those people that give up really easily, and usually, it's when things get tough. So when I’m thinking of quitting something, I stop and think 'Do I really want to be a quitter again or do I want to prove to myself that I can keep going and stick to something'. 

Giving Up

Write yourself a letter.

Sometimes we forget why we are doing something and need a reminder. Write everything down in a letter and when you feel like giving up or are unsure why you are doing something. Pull out the letter and remind yourself.
Here are some things you could include in your letter:
-Why you are doing (blank)
-How does doing (blank) make you feel?
-Your goals
-Where you would like to see yourself in the next (week/month/year)

So here are 3 things I do regularly to keep myself going when things get tough. Hopefully, they can help you too!