Sunday, 5 February 2017

The A-Z Workout

A-Z Workout Cover
Don’t know what to do for your next workout? Have a bit of fun and give this activity ago!

Spell out your name and do the corresponding exercise. Finished your name? Choose any word whether it be your favourite celebrity, your favourite movie or even just a word that means something to you.
Sometimes it’s fun to change things up!
Do each corresponding letter for 30 seconds.

A: squats
B: burpees
C: calf raises
D: lunges
E: plank
F: flutter kicks
G: push ups
H: leg raises
I:  sumo squat
J:  v-sit
K: high knees
L: leg raises
M: crunches
N: Russian twist
O: side plank
P: bicycle crunch
Q: scissor kicks
R: arm circles
S: wall sit
T: star jump
V: spinal twist
W: squat hold
X: bird dog
Y: toe touches
Z: sit ups

A-Z Workout Plan
Find the workout too easy? Try doing each exercise for 1 min, then 2 mins etc. 

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