Sunday, 5 February 2017

What Every Girl Needs in her Gym Bag

To Pack In Your Gym Bag
When I first started the gym, I didn't have a designated gym bag. Every time I got ready to head to the gym, I would just throw whatever I thought I needed into the closest bag. One day I was running on the treadmill and my hair tie broke. Of course, I didn't pack a spare one and had to cut my workout short or suffer from sweaty hair on the back of my neck. From that day I decided I needed to pack a proper gym bag. 

Here is what I think every girl must have in her gym bag.

-Hair ties: Because you can never really have enough hair ties.

-Towel: A face towel is best for when you're doing some high-intensity exercises or want to wipe down the equipment before/after you use them.

-Sanity items: Because you never know when you will need them.

-Headphones: I always keep a set in my bag so that way I never forget them. 

-Drink bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated.

-Jacket: Mainly for winter. Even though your body might feel warm after a workout, you should still cover up before going into the cold to prevent getting sick. 

-Deodorant: Some gyms will provide deodorant, but just in case they don’t and you need to freshen up.

-Body spray: For those really hard days and you feel deodorant isn’t enough.

This is what I think every girl should have in her gym bag. Have something you think is essential too? Comment below!

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