Sunday, 12 March 2017

Fitness Terminology you May not Know the Meaning Of

When I started exercising and learning more about different techniques, equipment, processes etc. I came across a lot of terms that I had either never heard before or had heard, but didn’t know what they meant.

I thought it might be a good idea to create a small glossary of some of the most popular terms that people may not know the definition of. 
I hope it helps those who want to expand their knowledge a little bit!

Barbell: A long metal bar where disk weights can be attached to on either end.

Box Jump: An exercise where you jump onto a box, usually wooden.
Burpee: An exercise that starts in standing position, then continues into a squat with hands on the floor, before kicking your feet out behind you while lowering your body. And lastly, jumping back up while raising your hands above your head,
Carbs: Short for carbohydrates. One out of the three macronutrients found in food. Also what gives our body energy.
Clean Eating: Eating foods in their simplest form, that is ones that haven't or minimally been processed.
Core: A series of muscles involved in almost every body movement.
Dead Lift: A weight training exercising that comprises of lifting a barbell in standing position from the ground to your hips and back down again.
Foam Roll: Cylindrical foam that is used to massage muscles.
Metabolism: Your body's process of turning food into energy.
Nutrition: The process of nourishing your body with food for good health, growth and energy.
PB: This stands for 'personal best'.
Reps: How many times a single exercise is repeated.
Sets: A group of repetitions. (For example, 2 sets of 10 reps, means doing the same exercise 10 times, resting, then repeat.)
Shoulder Press: A weight training exercise where a weight (usually a barbell) rests on your shoulders and then is lifted above your head and back down again.
Tabata: High intensity interval training that includes doing an exercise for 20 seconds, followed by a rest for 10 seconds and repeated 8 times.
Here are 15 terms that I hope will help you understand exercise a little better. If there is a term that you would like me to explain, then let me know!

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